Our New Home

Posted by sue on May 3rd, 2007

We arrived in Lisbon, Portugal, three days ago, and we’re happily moved in to a little apartment in Bairro Alto, Lisbon’s old town. It’s a small place, but well-located—we have a sideways view of Rio Tejo and picturesque old buildings from our mini-balcony, and our 5th-floor apartment in an elevator-less building ensures we get enough exercise (plus Lisbon in general is a hilly city).

It’s nice to be a little bit “settled” again, because I was starting to feel really at home in airports. I counted—in the past six weeks, since we left Cairo to visit the U.S. in March—we’ve been in 13 different airports.* And I think one reason I felt so comfortable in airports is that getting there can be stressful because you’re not sure how long it will take, or how long security lines will be, or whether, say, the fact that you didn’t print your e-ticket because you don’t have a printer will require that you stand in some amorphous line in an Egypt Air ticket office that is outside the security checkpoint that they set up BEFORE you get to the check-in counters will result in a 45-minute delay when you thought you had plenty of time. But, once you’re through security and have your boarding passes, then you just have to wait until boarding begins, and you can relax, have a drink, buy a magazine, shop duty-free, whatever. There’s no where else to be and nothing else to do.

But eventually, if you ever want clean clothes and a place to study, you have to get out of airports and into a real place to live. I’m happy now to have a kitchen, and to be able to unpack again!

*Cairo, London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Omaha, Des Moines, Dallas-Ft. Worth, New York JFK, Istanbul, Athens, Corfu, Milan, Lisbon

3 Responses to “Our New Home”

  1. Alberto Says:


    you landed in Milano and you didn’t spend a night there! : )


  2. Daniel and Trudy Says:

    That is great. You should go to Jingleville. It is a small place that must be heard to be believed. Enjoy.

  3. len Says:

    Yes Alberto. I actually thought about you when we were in Milan and knew that you’d be angry with us for not spending any time there. I think I made sure to at least get a cappuccino in the airport before we left in honor of your homeland!

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