The Corfu View

Posted by len on April 24th, 2007

Sadly, we have nearly come to the end of our two weeks of relaxed living on the Greek island of Corfu.
On Wednesday, April 25th (the day before we depart for Athens), we will be celebrating Sue’s birthday. Finally the little town we’ve been staying in is waking up and some nice-looking restaurants have finally opened for the tourist season.
The two photos posted here are the view from our apartment’s balcony at different times of the day of the Ionian sea. Look really hard and you may see the stiletto heel of Italy’s boot!
Our upcoming travel schedule: Athens from Thursday to Monday. Monday we fly to Lisbon, Portugal where we’ll stay at least a month while Sue does a CELTA certificate program. Our plan is to live there longer while Sue teaches English and I get back to work on the “William Blake Phenomenon”, the world’s most exciting new animated show!

8 Responses to “The Corfu View”

  1. Heather Says:

    Re: view: SHUT UP! Why are you leaving this place??

  2. Heather Says:

    AND! Happy Birthday Sue! And Happy Anniversary both of you!

  3. Cathy Says:

    Happy Birthday Sue! Your alma mater is once again celebrating in your honor with a full week of crazy events with some track and field stuff thrown in toward the end.

  4. jim Says:

    Jesus, that’s beautiful. A fitting place for a dual celebration. Happy anniversary and birthday.

  5. Ginny Greninger Says:

    Hi Len and Susan…
    My grandparents were born in Corfu, Kerkeira, in Greek.
    I could have hooked you up with some very cool Greek lingo!
    Safe travels

  6. Mohamed Salah Says:

    Hi len and susan

    Happy Birthday susan, if you her in egypt now i were give you a good a pretty present called (homos el sham) it’s hot and spicy but it’s very delicious ask len about it, i think he still remember
    happy birthday :)

  7. ahmed Says:

    salam alikom
    how are you len realy so nice place that you are was in , amazing place to forget everything mashallah , i wish to travel for vacation with u one day but at this time i,ll not be alone i,ll be with family my german wife
    your friend ahmed

  8. raymond Says:

    < a href = “ touchstones@restrict.impunity“>.< / a >…

    ñïñ çà èíôó!!…

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