You Wanted Photos

Posted by len on April 10th, 2007

When we were in Los Angeles for a few days a couple of people told us they wanted to see more photos on ‘the Squid’. So, doing what any good market research team does, we multiply those numbers by 1000. So we treat it like 2000 people just asked us for photos. Needless to say we were subsequently thrilled to realize more than 2000 people read our blog!
We’re moving on from Egypt, but not before you get a wealth of photos from mystical Luxor! (Be sure not to miss the often-hysterical comments underneath each image!)

6 Responses to “You Wanted Photos”

  1. keiko Says:

    Great pics! I am so glad to hear that you are back safely and recovering from your trip. Moving on to new cities! How exciting! I look forward to your next entry.


  2. Daniel Says:

    Sue, you look like a model. Len, you look like the model’s husband. Your pictures are great and prove that Aliens must have built the Pyramids.

  3. Jeanne McPherson Says:

    In 1990, Don and I spent time in Corfu. We rented a motorbike to travel to Arilas. A dog wandered out in front of us and Don braked. We had quite a fall but the only injury was my scraped up knee. As we biked through the small villages, the village people and priests peered at my bloody knee. Several glasses of wine at our hotel in Arilas helped me recover. However another dog crossed my path on the way to dinner! What village are you staying in Corfu? Jeanne

  4. Jeanene Says:

    Who is the sexy momma in the blue t-shirt with a “5”?

  5. len Says:

    Comments always appreciated, but, er, which photo you lookin’ at?

  6. melvin Says:

    < a href = “ lumia@inability.begrudge“>.< / a >…


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