Impending parole

Posted by sue on September 21st, 2006

I have to admit that the work we’ve been doing so intensely on the house the last couple of months feels a bit like a prison sentence to me. One reason I was excited to devise a plan to leave the country is that I’m SO done with the drudgery of home improvement, which we have been doing almost constantly since buying our house 4 years ago. But the horrible catch is that I have therefore had to spend every day working to finish every little detail that I have put off, plus put in the work to sort through all of our possessions, find a file for every last piece of paper, and handle all the other tedious but necessary little details of life.

But thankfully it is soon coming to an end, because it must! The house is in pretty good shape now, and most of our stuff has been sold, given away, or arranged for moving. It’s starting to feel like our big move is really going to happen!

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