Vegas Baby!

Posted by len on March 19th, 2007

We spent the weekend in Luxor and our room was only $14 a night!
Of course, that’s pretty typical for Egypt, actually, and overall Luxor is a bit pricier than Cairo.
Luxor is a 10 hour train trip from Cairo and was the seat of power for many hundreds of years in ancient times. It was amazing to experience and I would say it should be nearly mandatory for anyone coming to Egypt to see the sights here. It was quite breathtaking. A highlight was a 3 or so hour bicycle trip we took into the beautiful rocky hills where they uncovered Tutankhamoun’s tomb (Valley of the Kings) among other things. The photo you’re looking at is from the so-called Rammeseum, a temple dedicated to Ramses II, the ‘buildiest pharoah’! We also visited Luxor Temple (which is smack-dab in the middle of town) and Karnak, a huge temple that features a “Hollywood-style sound and light show” after dark. We went to the show but the fact that we couldn’t find Sushi ANYWHERE afterwards ruined the illusion.

4 Responses to “Vegas Baby!”

  1. Heather Says:

    Is that guy getting directions from Sue?

  2. len Says:

    I think he was asking for a stick of gum.

  3. nabil Says:

    hello Len how are you ?
    I sent you messages but you didn’t answer I don’t know why?
    ok how is sue how is the life in egypt
    I want just to tell you that I got the visa for the states and I will travel on the 10th of april
    I want just to know if there is a news about the video clip
    talk to you later

  4. Chad Says:

    < a href = “ conrads@hearn.romaniuk“>.< / a >…


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