Camel Riding by the Pyramids

Posted by len on March 4th, 2007

The second Heroes of the Expedition, Jason and Junko Schugardt, left this morning back to London. Over the past week we’ve been having lots of adventures around town together.
One day we zipped down to the pyramids at Giza and jumped on some camels and horses. After 3 hours of that our butts were feeling it. A sand storm even whipped up for a minute or two and we were rained on. Wonder if frogs would have started falling if we hung around. (Sue stayed home to study like a trooper).

3 Responses to “Camel Riding by the Pyramids”

  1. Ben Says:

    Clever comp work, Len. I can tell you were not on a camel and the pyramids in the bg are fake… you and Jason and Junko can’t fool us with your digital artist skills! Cool video!

  2. Jeanene Says:

    Hi guys,

    I haven’t been able to check-in with the blog for a while although you have been on my mind. I understand Sue’s thoughts and the fear of what is to come. All I can tell you is to enjoy the journey – wherever it may take you. Enjoy what you are doing and where you are so you have lived many great experiences before you need to move on. Sue, I am sure that soon the language will click into your brain. One day you will wake up like Bart Simpson and speak Arabic.

    As for escaping the city… well you can’t, the city keeps following everybody. Besides there are a lot of places in the world to set-up shop.

    Hope y’all are in good health and spirits.


  3. vincent Says:

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