Posted by sue on February 22nd, 2007

It’s Thursday, which is the Egyptian equivalent of Friday, because Friday is mosque-going day. (And they broadcast the sermons given at the mosques at noon on loudspeakers throughout the city, so there’s no escaping Allah on Fridays. They didn’t do that in Morocco.) I have class Monday through Thursday, so Len and I treat Friday and Saturday as our weekend and Sunday as a work-at-home day.
On Thursday afternoons we have a habit of going over to the British Council, an institution that teaches English to Egyptians and otherwise promotes British culture. They have a library, which we joined for $25 for six months, where they lend books, DVDs, CDs, and even PlayStation 2 games. It’s nice to have a source of English-language books to borrow, because although there are tons of books in English for sale at various bookshops here in Cairo, they are rather expensive, and anyway we’re not into acquiring a bunch of books after unloading so many before we left L.A. The British Council is pretty strict, however, about stocking mostly British products. Much of their video collection consists on British TV shows we’ve never heard of, and their history section is U.K. history only—the closest thing they have on the history of the Middle East is a book or two on T.E. Lawrence.
Fortunately they do stock English translations of some novels by Egyptian authors, so I am now reading “Palace Walk,” the first novel in the “Cairo Trilogy” by Naguib Mahfouz, Egypt’s most famous novelist (he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1988, the first writer in Arabic to win the prize).

Thanks for the encouraging comments on my last post—from them, I have concluded that I should keep studying hard, relax about my speaking ability while I’m here, and then move to Hawaii. Not a bad plan.

4 Responses to “Weekend!”

  1. Daniel Says:

    So, the sun hasn’t quite set on the British Empire. Hang in there. I was reading som things about learning language. Interact and have fun, stood out with me. Maybe it is really a game to be played. We have been thinking of you when we are awake. Peace.

  2. Heather Says:

    We miss you guys tons. Or at least I do! You guys are an inspiration and it makes me happy to think you guys are out there in the world. Keep at it!

  3. JD Says:

    I miss you guys as well! I enjoy checking Runaway Squid every now and then to hear about your travels. Keep up the great work!

  4. Terry Says:

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