A World of Squeegee

Posted by len on February 14th, 2007

You’ve read it in magazines, you’ve heard it on the news, and we’re here to tell you, from first-hand experience, that the Middle East is truly the cradle of the squeegee. Ya see, bathrooms across the Middle East often have showers but the showers have no curtains (or doors, or water repellent plasma barriers, etc). So after you take a shower, even if you’re a paraplegic dwarf, water is going to be covering the floor. The next step is the squeegee phase. Often performed completely naked (as God intended) you grab the giant squeegee ‘broom’ and push all the water into the drain that’s always somewhere nearby. The positive side of this extra labor is that you end up cleaning the floor reasonably well (at least from most mens’ perspectives) every time you shower!
Oh yeah, and that’s us in front of the pyramid of Cheops, widely considered the most delightful pyramid in the world.

10 Responses to “A World of Squeegee”

  1. sue Says:

    We paid a Pyramid guard 2 Egyptian pounds (35 cents) to take that photo of us. The many machine-gun armed guards around the Pyramids evidently are into supplementing their income by offering to take tourists’ photos for a tip. I’m not sure if that makes me feel more or less safe.

  2. Cathy Says:

    Nice photos. Are there cheesy gift shops and pyramid themed motels nearby? In other words, has the site been compromised Grand Canyon Style?

  3. Jeanene Says:

    Blasphemy! Everybody knows the best pyramids are in Mexico!


  4. Heather Says:

    You guys look great!

  5. sue Says:

    Okay, okay, since we haven’t been to the Pyramids of Mexico we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about the Cheops pyramid being the “most delightful”! It was certainly the “most delightful” one in this photograph, though, and it’s the largest and most perfectly constructed in Egypt.

    Sure, there are lots of gift shops nearby, selling perfume bottles and papyruses and little models of the Sphinx and the Pyramids and other Egyptian statues. But those are easy enough to overlook if you want to. The in-your-face commerce part of the Pyramids grounds involve dozens of guys on horses or camels, offering to give you a ride on a horse or camel, or offering to pose for a picture, or volunteering to take your picture (all for money, of course). Which isn’t necessarily bad, except that you’re approached about once every 3.6 minutes (before and during your visit to the Pyramids and Sphinx area) and after a while it gets supremely annoying.

  6. Cathy Says:

    I certainly hope you said all you “No thank yous” in Arabic.

  7. erica Says:

    Delightful indeed – I must agree though, the pyramid of the sun is pretty durn impressive… beat that, Lenly. Y’all look awesome though!

  8. jim Says:

    Oh my freaking GOd that’s awesome.

    Well, for the ‘Best Pyramids” controversy, I’ve seen neither. But I think it’s a conversation similar to “what’s the greatest rock band ever”. And that depends on your mood. Except if you’re talking about Led Zeppelin, who everyone knows really is the greatest rock band ever.

  9. Alfonso Says:

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  10. Ross Says:

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