Cairo Photos You Don’t Want to See

Posted by len on January 25th, 2007

Hello loyal readers. After a request or two to see some photos of our every day existence we have created our first Cairo Walkabout (R) photo page! This set of poorly composed photos follows Sue on her walk from Zamalek (the Manhattan Island of Cairo), over the Nile river, and into western Cairo where her Arabic language training classes are held. It’s about a 40 minute walk through residentials streets and freeways! It also happens to take you very near our new apartment! Yes, after 2 weeks of living out of a hotel we finally rented an apartment! Just blocks from the Nile in a pleasant residential area. Lots of room for visitors (hint, hint). 3 bedrooms. One will become an office. The other has two beds. Ever want to visit Egypt with a travel buddy? Now’s your chance! The photo you see here is from the ground looking up at our building. We move in today at 2pm.

6 Responses to “Cairo Photos You Don’t Want to See”

  1. Heather Says:

    So Sue, are you wearing a head scarf? What happens if you don’t? What are you feelings on that?

  2. Mom White Says:

    Lovely photos, gives one a good idea of the city. I was thinking when I read about 95% of women wearing head scarfs that perhaps Sue should also. Would it be safer for her? Does she do the walk alone every day?

    Love MOM

  3. Jeanene Says:

    Wow! Cairo looks exciting! Is Len going to get a scooter? He can deliver stuff…

  4. jim Says:

    Thanks for the photos!

    Want one from off of your balcony, too – but I’m greedy. :)

    Also, what does the Arabic graffiti say in the picture with this caption –
    “Side of a mosque right near the river. Zamalek.” ?


  5. Diana Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the photo tour!
    It might seem mundane to you (after awhile), but it’s very interesting to us to see your new home/nieghborhood.

  6. greg Says:

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