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Posted by len on January 22nd, 2007

Before we shift entirely to blogging about our new home in Cairo I wanted to get a few final comments in about Morocco.
For one, during our last week there I had the opportunity to shoot a music video for a Moroccan rap group called Fez City Clan. They’re a nice bunch of guys that you can see pictured here.

I met their manager Nabil (not pictured) on the train returning from Meknes, a city not far from Fez.
The shoot lasted about a week. Two nights we met at midnight at a local cafe/club to shoot. Other days we shot in the medina of Fez and around other parts of town.
Now I have a hard drive full of footage of these guys dancing and rapping that’s waiting for me to edit it and add some special effects (like graffiti sprouting all around the city). We had one shop light as our ‘lighting kit’ and two mini-dv cameras. But we did the best we could! I need to get it done by late May since there’s a big concert and competition happening for rap music in Morocco in June.

Here is also a photo of a REAL MOROCCAN FAMILY. This was taken during New Years eve. Nabil invited Sue and me over for dinner and celebrations. This is (part of) his family in Fez. New Years eve coincides with what Muslims call Aid Kabir, which is their biggest holiday of the year. They served us much great food including pastilla, my favorite Moroccan dish which is chicken (or pigeon) baked into a pastry with cinnamon, sugar, nuts, and other exotic spices.

9 Responses to “More on Morocco”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Big time my friend. When they hit big, you’ll be the western agent. That is really fucking cool. I miss traveling. Viva la familia.

  2. Cathy Says:

    Is there any graffiti in Fez?

  3. Nabil Says:

    hi my friend len how are you ?
    hope that everything is ok
    i ask about you all the time Mr ALI I have your news ,
    I’m so happy to know a guy like you very helpful hope to see you again befor I go to the states , enjoi your life in CAIRO & in our video clip :-)

    talk to you later

  4. Ken Says:

    that’s brilliant! maybe you can start the ‘moroccan idol’?
    keep up the blogging. it’s quite entertaining.

    hope all is going well with you and sue.

  5. len Says:

    Not too much graffiti in Fez. But right next to our apartment was a large “2 Pac” sprayed on a brick wall!

  6. jim Says:

    The real live Moroccan family looks absolutely charming. I’m assuming a great time was had.

  7. Gary Says:

    Sad to see the poison (Rap) being spread to Morocco.

  8. l-tzack Says:

    hi len
    how are u man ? it’s long time man
    con u plz finish this video plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    we need this video plzzzz it’s one year right now …

  9. leslie Says:

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    good info….

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