A Bridge Over the River Nile

Posted by len on January 15th, 2007

Here’s a shot from the “Bridge October 6th”, one of three bridges that span the Nile river from our little “Manhattan of Cairo” called Zamalek to the mainland.
Don’t strain your eyes looking for pyramids. They’re not visible in this particular photo. In fact, they’re not that easy to spot given the size of the city itself. I did spot them way off in the distance a few days ago from the car. Here’s a cruddy photo of just that!

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  1. Mom White Says:

    Hi Len and Sue, Glad to get your Jan 15th website. I am printing it for Winston. He keeps asking how you are. Today is Martin Luther King Day so a holiday.
    Keep well. Love MOM (White)

  2. Rachel Says:

    The cruddy photo is cool.

  3. Daniel Says:

    I agree with Rachel. That cruddy photo is way better than any Egyptian pyramid photos I’ve taken. However, I have some photos of Mexican pyramids that blow yours away. Keep trying.

    I also didn’t realize that they were so close to the capital city. I thought they were way off away from the big cities. Thanks for the inadvertant lesson. Daniel

  4. sean Says:

    I would think a professional visual effects artist could put pyramids in any photo he bloody well pleases.

    Not that that’s a challenge or anything.


  5. len Says:

    It was pretty impressive to see them rising up in the distance like that from the car.
    As usual, the experience was far more compelling than the photo suggests.
    There’s a mystical ‘being-there-ness’ that photos just can’t contain. Too bad.
    It probably requires…being there.

  6. Heather Says:

    It looks lush from the photo. You always see pyramids photos and it looks all Indiana Jones n’shit.

  7. alberto Says:

    Hey Len,

    I’ve found this post and of course I thought about you:

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    Cheers : )


    P.S. GHT finalled again last nite…. : \

  8. jim Says:

    I really like the photo.

    Also Len, as re: Mid-East FX work: you really should see that movie “G.O.R.A”. It’s top-notch, and has a lot of state-of-the-art stuff. P’raps I should send you a copy?

  9. Clinton Says:

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    thank you!…

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