The Timeline, For Real

Posted by len on September 2nd, 2006

Okay, folks. Sorry we haven’t been touching the blog for a while but our house renovations have been sucking up almost all our time. We are getting close to renting the house and getting excited about leaving.
Here’s the ‘for real’ timeline:
Oct. 1st: Depart Los Angeles by plane for Colorado. Hang there for a few days and then continue on to Merrill, Iowa, to a corn farm where my wife’s parents live. They’re going to crack the whip and make us help with THEIR renovations. We’ll be farming for a week then flying on to Virginia to visit my mom and oldest brother. A few days there then around Oct. 18th we’ll fly to New York City for one day and take a plane to Casablanca, Morocco! A train, we hope, will then take us on to Fez where we’ll hopefully find a place to live…and then the REAL blogging begins!

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    ñïñ çà èíôó….

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