Hello From Cairo

Posted by len on January 10th, 2007

Hello to all our loyal readers!  We just wanted to drop a quick blog (ew!) that we safely arrived in Cairo, Egypt last night!  Our contact, Ali, was waiting at the airport with his friend Lobna to pick us up.  We’re now staying in Lobna’s nice home, eating home-cooked Egyptian food (like kofta and taamiya).  In a day or two we’re going to find a hotel near the center of town and start researching language training and apartment procurement.  It’s great to have so many friends you’ve never met waiting for you in the home town you’ve never been to.  We even met an Egyptian on the plane who turns out to be a ballet dancer in the Cairo opera and said he’d hook us up with tickets to Scherazade when it opens in 3 weeks.

More to come…don’t miss the upcoming Egypt Action on the Squid!

7 Responses to “Hello From Cairo”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Hurray for the traveling Egyptologists.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Len and Sue. Check out http://www.current.tv and get the video going.

  3. Mom White Says:

    Hi kids, Glad to read you are in Egypt. Will try writing you an email. Mom (White)xxoo

  4. Yuko Says:

    Len & Sue,

    Happy New Year!
    It is great to read all the blog in your Arabic life.
    Have a great happy year in Cairo, too!
    Check out the bellydancer named ‘Dina’ in Egypt! She is my star :)

  5. Jeanne McPherson Says:

    Sounds as if Cairo is a great place with neat people. Jeanne

  6. resouces stuff Says:



  7. Karl Says:

    < a href = “http://google.com/?p=32&lol= executed@soldiery.guessing“>.< / a >…

    ñïñ çà èíôó!!…

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