Night Train to Tangier

Posted by len on December 18th, 2006

Where have we been?!
Sandra Chilazi, the first Hero of the Voyage ™ arrived last week (Wednesday).
We started a round-Morocco trip that has taken us from Fez to Marrakesh then on to Casablanca and we’re now in Tangier for a few more hours. We cross the Straits of Gibraltar later this afternoon and enter Spain! We take a 3 hour bus to Seville and stay the night. Two days later we head to Granada for a night. Sandra leaves on the 21st. Sue and I then head to Barcelona for Christmas! (which you’d otherwise have no idea is coming up when living in a Muslim country).
Lots of pictures to put up but as usual we’re on the run and don’t have enough time to do it right now. Plus this internet cafe is freezing!
If Spain has good internet cafes then we’ll be getting some cool photos and video up before Xmas so check back! Have a wonderful white Christmas!

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  1. jose Says:

    Hi Len and Sue

    I found Gibraltar quite a strange place when I visited almost ten years ago. All the people occured to me like pirates, little ten year olds had big bar bell earings, and everyone spoke a strange Spanglish quite unlike the type from SoCal.

    Entering Spain? Welcome to Christiandom. Not that this is a good thing! And not that the line is so ESSENTIAL. After all Franco crossed into Spain from Morocco with the Spanish foreign legion who were mostly Muslim. And just in time for Xmas!

    The museums are GOOD in Spain (by the way) as a consequence of having a few too many errant and ferral artisans. And if McTaste and McLifestyle hasn’t totally overcome the small wonderful things there, Flamenco bashes go from 12 midnight to about seven in the morning (southern spain).

    Barcelona was / is by far the most architecturally (is this a word?) superb city in the solar system, especially the great Antoni Gaudí…. enjoy – it towers above us mortals.

    Lovely to read your short briefs. Remember (as my father used to tell me) “Take it easy greaser, you have a long way to slide.”

    Love ‘n merry xmas

    JR (jose ramos)

    PS – don’t forget to ask Spaniards what they think of the US.

  2. Daniel Says:

    you have been missed. Glad you are back online. Check you email. Later my frined.

  3. Chris Says:


    Just sayin’. You’ve been lessoned. Were you able to connect with Alex??

  4. doug Says:

    < a href = “ epsilon@sprinkle.childishly“>.< / a >…

    tnx for info!!…

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