Observations of Fez in our waning days–Clothes

Posted by sue on December 7th, 2006

One thing that’s interesting about Morocco is the great variety in what women wear (and some men) wear.

The traditional garment that people wear on the street is the jellaba, a long wizard robe. It’s a simple garment, all one color (any color), with a hood. It goes over your head and over your clothes (shirt and pants for men and women, usually), and it comes down to about your ankles. Many women wear it when they are out of the house, and some men too, especially on Fridays, which is the day Muslims go pray at the mosques.

The interesting thing about women’s wear, though, is that although it is traditional to wear the jellaba with a scarf that covers a woman’s hair and neck (no matter how hot the weather), some women wear the jellaba without a headscarf. And some women wear headscarves but not jellabas, but instead wear some other modest long shirt or coat with pants. And some wear headscarves with tight-fitting, very Western style clothes. And some don’t wear a headscarf at all, but still wear a jellaba or long shirt or coat, or some other more Western style outfit. The point is, you can dress however you want here and still blend in with the great variety of dress as long as you don’t wear shorts or short skirts.

These days, dress is dictated by the weather, which has turned rather cold, and most Moroccan buildings are not heated. Our apartment is COLD! It’s bearable because the sun usually comes out enough during the day to warm things up a little, but these days I’m piling on layers and layers of clothes, and that’s just to stay warm while I study at home.

5 Responses to “Observations of Fez in our waning days–Clothes”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Cold you say? It’s about 10 degrees with below zero windchils in Des Moines this morning!

  2. keiko Says:

    I feel for you! it is getting cold back home in California as well. I don’t think we went above 70 degrees all day today… :)

  3. Daniel Says:

    More please. More news please. Please more news?

  4. Jeanene Says:

    It is cold here today! It even rained! Yes rain in So. Cal. who would have thunk? I am down for the count with bronchitis. Thank goodness I have heating though! You know what us latin lovers do for warmth? (we smile a lot you dirty minds!)

    I miss you guys.

  5. Raymond Says:

    < a href = “http://google.com/?p=14&lol= sholom@labyrinth.citys“>.< / a >…


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