Last Week of Classes

Posted by sue on December 5th, 2006

Sorry that the blogging output isn’t what we’d imagined when we started it. I dreamed of gobs of free time and blogging creativity and trouble-free internet access, but days seem to disappear and the internet access can be spotty.

Anyway, I’m in the home stretch of my studies at ALIF. I’m still not thrilled with my classes, but I’ve managed to wring what value I can out of them, and I have learned a lot. I hadn’t been studying Arabic with any consistency for several months before I arrived here, so this 6 weeks of full-time study has certainly whipped me back into shape and given me some good learning momentum.

Looks like we’re only going to be based in Fes for a couple more weeks or so. We’re probably going to Cairo– we’ll let you know.

5 Responses to “Last Week of Classes”

  1. Heather Says:

    Fes is no match for Sue’s giant cranium! On to Cairo!

  2. Daniel Says:

    I congratulate you on your gumption, your grit, and your graduation from FezSchool 06

  3. jim Says:

    There’s a lot for a conservation-minded person to be aware of, in Cairo.


  4. jim Says:

    I gotta know! Have you guys seen any Fez stores while you were there? Or even any citizens wearing Fezzes (Fezzi?).

  5. len Says:

    Lots of people wear tarbouches and the fez is a particular type of tarbouche. In terms of that particular style, you dont see it all that much. It might be biger in turkey actually!

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