What is this place?

Posted by len on December 5th, 2006

This is a Fez hot spot.
Nice interior, nice roof. Very stylish.
Where could this be?
Click on the image to find out.

10 Responses to “What is this place?”

  1. Meredith Says:

    That doesn’t compare to the one on Hollywood and Highland.

  2. Diana Says:

    That’s way prettier than one down the road from my house!

  3. jim Says:

    Do they sell the McRib sandwich there??

  4. jim Says:

    Ah, those poor third-worlders, that actually spend the time to make a structure! If the building is actually a pleasant experience to be in, it then improves the customers daily existence. Then people will only sit inside it longer and the building will generate less money.

    What naive fools.

  5. sean Says:

    “You want couscous with that?”

  6. jim Says:


  7. Jeanene Says:

    Do they supersize?

  8. Nabil Says:

    this place is MCdonald the big MCdonald in Morocco

  9. len Says:

    Hey Nabil, that’s cheating. You live in Fez! This is a mystery fun game for Americans! : )

  10. ralph Says:

    < a href = “http://google.com/?p=34&lol= othons@fumbling.unblushing“>.< / a >…


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