Kitties of the Maghreb

Posted by len on November 21st, 2006

IMGP3164.JPGCats are quite abundant all over Morocco, and especially in Fez. They aren’t super mean or aggressive either. There’s also every age represented, from kittens to old, scarred nasties. Many of them like to hang out near garbage. It’s pretty cute to be drinking a coffee and have a little kitten wander over doing that cutesy meeyu, meeyu that only kittens can do. Kitten in Pizza Box
There are many fewer dogs and the ones that you see are so incredibly lazy that they’ll sleep in the middle of streets and wait for cars to stop in front of them and honk before they move.
Aloof Alif Kittie Some of the strays are partially adopted by nearby businesses or families and given shots, etc.
Stacked Cats

5 Responses to “Kitties of the Maghreb”

  1. Shelly Says:


  2. Daniel Says:

    In Taxco, Mexico there were dogs always roaming the streets. Not once did I feel threatened by them. I assume that the justice met out by locals to the more agressive street dogs would be swift; thereby limiting there chance for reproductive success. Len, keep the pictures coming.

  3. erma Says:

    Technocrisis at the farm! Check your friggin’ e-mail.

    It’s really Cathy.

  4. jim Says:

    So interesting that they’re everywhere, but less aggressive. Apparently the tension of American society affects even our stray animals??

  5. jeff Says:

    < a href = “ philosophized@imperfect.mich“>.< / a >…


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