Learnin’ me some Arabic

Posted by sue on November 1st, 2006

I’ve had about a week of Arabic study now, and, for those who are curious, I’ll give a bit of a description about what it’s been like here at the Arabic Language Institute in Fes.

I’m in the Modern Standard Arabic 300 class, which starts at the beginning of Part Two of the Brustad, Al-Batal, and Al-Tonsi Al-Kitaab fii Ta’allum al-Arabiya, which my UCLA Extension zumalaa’ wa zamiilaat also know and love. The first couple of days of class, however, we worked through some other materials, some of which were a bit daunting. A couple of them were worksheets that reviewed certain grammar relationships, and that stuff I feel confident about, thanks to Jihad’s THOROUGH grammar instruction. But the others were texts related to reading Arabic newspapers, and because I just haven’t spent any real time trying to read newspapers in Arabic, I had little of the requisite vocabulary.

And, I was embarrassed in class the other day because I didn’t know how to say what time it is! I mean, it was in the book (Part 1, p. 156), but I just never practiced it. It makes me appreciate one way in which English is simple. 1:40 is said “One-forty.” In Arabic, it’s “the hour the second less a third.”

I do have some time in the next couple of days to get caught up on some of the little things that I’m not clear on from Part One because I already did most of chapter one of Part Two at UCLA. And maybe some time to check out some newspapers!

6 Responses to “Learnin’ me some Arabic”

  1. Heather Says:

    Wow. Where are your classmates from? Mostly Americans? How are people dressing? Are you getting any sort attention being an obvious non-native woman?

    Thanks for posting these details!

  2. jim Says:

    Givin’ a shout out to tha zumalaa’ wa zamiilaat in the hizzouse…

  3. jim Says:

    Oh yeah. Come across any Fez stores yet?

    I’m wondering if they have any with a “Yankees” logo? Or a “John Deere” logo???

  4. Sean Says:

    I think _I’ll_ start referring to time that way. “I’m gonna take lunch now, Jeff, since it’s the hour of the first less a half.” “You’d better hurry, it’s already the hour of the eighth less two-fifths and they close at the hour of the eighth.” “Fighter jets! Coming in at the hour of the sixth!”

  5. Jeanene Carvajal Says:

    Sue and Len you are champs for taking on such a challenge! How do you order 3 tequilas and 2 women? I miss you guys.

  6. alvin Says:

    < a href = “http://google.com/?p=21&lol= flakes@unmanageably.sonnet“>.< / a >…


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