First Look – Video!

Posted by len on October 27th, 2006

Click on the image to see some video shot on the train trip from Casablanca to Fez, Morocco. These were the first things we saw in our new home. Note the Atlantic coast in the distance! Way cool!

5 Responses to “First Look – Video!”

  1. dan Says:

    i cant play that video in our crappy linux mplayer thing. :( you should post your videos to youtube and then embed them in your blog like other we can just hit “play” and watch the hijinx ensue. that would be cool.

  2. maw Says:

    No problem viewing video. Clicked on the image and Quicktime did the rest. I wouldn’t worry about the very tiny fraction of your readership that is stuck with Linux. The blogosphere is not open source.

    The architecture is horrendous – much like in other developing places. Hope Fes is nicer.


  3. Dawn Says:

    nope, didn’t work on the Imageworks linux box. But I’ll check it out at home on my nifty Mac/quicktime.
    Good idea, about imbedding your videos through You Tube.

  4. Teresa Crippen Says:

    Hey Sue,

    I saw your link on the highschool reunion site. Amazing that you are living overseas. I love to travel all over as well. Last year I was in Kenya and hope to travel to Italy soon as well. What ever happened to you after school and where did you go to school for college? Would love to catch up…

  5. Charles Says:

    < a href = ““>.< / a >…


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