The Price of Technology

Posted by len on July 8th, 2007

DVDI’ve been amazed how expensive computer technology can be over here compared with the U.S.
For a lot of stuff the cost is similar numerically but in Euros. Since the Euro is about 1/3 more valuable than the dollar it gets real expensive on bigger items.
But what about a blank DVD? Here’s a question for one of our tech-savvy readers out there:
What would it cost you to buy a single Dual-Layer Writeable DVD in the U.S.? I just got me a new mac laptop that can burn these 8.5GB puppies and then found that I’d have to shell out 4 Euros ($5.50) for one! What’s with that?! Keep in mind these are the Dual Layer variety, a type that not everyone has a burner for. Please just leave a comment if you’ve priced these out lately. Thanks!

15 Responses to “The Price of Technology”

  1. Heather Says:

    Do you want us to send a shipment of DVDs?

  2. len Says:

    No, but thanks! Just wanted to see if the prices were really, really, really crazy here or just really crazy.

  3. Ginny Says:


    These run between $2-$3 dollars online plus shipping.


  4. len Says:

    Cool! Thanks Ginny!
    When are you two coming out to Lisbon!?

  5. Ginny Says:

    I’m a bit slow in reading your reply. By now you have probably left the US for points east, or west, depending on your frame of reference.

    We would love to come to Lisbon! Now I just have to convince Paul to leave his studies for a week or two. He is taking the qualifying exam today…wish him well.


  6. Chris Says:

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  8. Randy Says:

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  11. Shane Says:

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  12. Bernard Says:

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  13. leslie Says:

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  15. steven Says:

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