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What Nerds Carry With Them

Posted by len on 27th September 2008

Less than a week ago I moved from Portugal to Boston, Massachusetts.
As much as I tried to resist the temptation, over the two years we’ve been away from the US I collected stuff, some technology, some art supplies, and the like. I really needed this stuff…at the time.
So I gave away quite a few things (nothing compared to what we unloaded when we moved away from the US!).

But, I did end up with two large suitcases to haul, both weighing in at 32 kg (70 lbs).

What was in those two suitcases?

– Some clothes (didn’t buy much in this department overseas so most of what I had was getting old and I just donated it to orphans)
– 6 very heavy science and computer books (openGL, wave action, flash)
– 4 computer hard drives (total storage capacity: 1.2 Terabytes)
– 2 console game systems (PS2 and Gamecube)
– 4 game controllers, wires, power supplies, etc.
– flatbed scanner (full A4 page size)
– laptop stand (to elevate it)
– bluetooth keyboard
– small set of oil paints and oil medium and some sketch books
– two bars of portuguese baking chocolate

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September 22nd: Halfway Home

Posted by len on 10th September 2008

This crazy ride, the one with incomprehensible words, strange customs, and foreign rhythms, is finally coming to a close, for me.
On September 22nd I’m returning to the country in which I will actually be a legal resident.
I’m moving to Boston, to continue working with the small engineering company I’ve been working for remotely since shortly after I arrived in Morocco so long ago (feels like a REALLY long time ago to me).
Sue is going to continue teaching one more term here in Lisbon and then join me there (unless Boston ends up being a nightmare!- not likely) in late December.

So…prepare for exciting overreaching attempts to make a relatively familiar place like Boston seem wicked interesting and blog-worthy in the months ahead!

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Our Trip Up North in Doodles

Posted by len on 3rd September 2008

Northern Portugal Doodles
To see photos to go along with the doodles, click HERE

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