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The Road to B’Jesus

Posted by sue on 23rd August 2008


We didn’t quite make it there, though.

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The Portuguese sure love their beaches

Posted by sue on 22nd August 2008


And you can see why! This is the Santa Cruz beach, near Torres Vedras, where we began our little road trip last week with our friend Fátima.

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Posted by sue on 12th August 2008

We’re headed out this morning for a mostly unplanned trip to northern Portugal, thinking we’ll be gone for a week or so. I’ll try to post pictures and such from the road, but it will depend on the availability of convenient internet access and whether or not Len is willing to let me use his computer for a few minutes here and there.

Otherwise, Blogust will officially continue when we get back to Lisbon! Até logo!

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All this relaxation is starting to hurt

Posted by sue on 10th August 2008

So, it’s been 11 days since my last day of work at the American School of Languages, and I’m starting to feel the toll that rest and relaxation is taking on my body. No kidding! It turns that, rather perversely, my body actually got accustomed to at least one hour per day of walking up and down hills (normal walking to work and lunch and home) and the moving around I do at school while I’m teaching. I wouldn’t say teaching is a particularly active job, but it’s not all that sedentary either– I certainly don’t sit in front of a computer for hours, or do any one thing for extended periods of time. I’m always moving around the school, getting materials together, making copies, reading a bit, always in fairly short stints. But now, without my walk to school, I’ve been getting less regular exercise and sitting for longer periods, reading a book or surfing the Internet.

So, twice this week I woke up in the morning with a sore back. Not fair! I guess I’ll need to balance my loafing with more exercise the rest of the month, until I go back to the old routine in September.

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Posted by sue on 9th August 2008

The patron saint of Lisbon is Saint Anthony, and the big celebration here every year is on his feast day. The celebration consists mainly of much eating of sardines and drinking in the streets.


Here are some traditional sardines, pictured alongside the nicest, smartest, most fun guy in Portugal, Shrikesh “Chico” Laxmidas.

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Random Lisbon moment

Posted by sue on 9th August 2008

This is Jordan Estêvão, who, despite the Portuguese name with all the crazy accents, is an American and one of my fellow English teachers.


I like this photo because it’s unusual in a couple of ways. First, Jordan is wearing glasses, which is unusual for him because he normally wears contacts. Second, he has, most atypically, the miniature head of Len’s capoeira master, Mestre Nilson, growing out of his chest.

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Pretty Places in Portugal, III

Posted by sue on 7th August 2008

Behold, the walled village of Óbidos.


It’s one of those places, like Sevilla in Spain, where you can tell they really work to keep it cute. I mean, they must hose it down with cuteness at least weekly! There’s a wall all around the city that you can walk on top of, giving you a good vantage point from which to observe all the cuteness. The town is called “the Wedding City” because it was the traditional bridal gift of the kings of Portugal to their queens, a tradition going back to 1282.

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We’re going to London!

Posted by sue on 6th August 2008

We just got plane tickets from Lisbon to London for August 27 to September 2! Then I come back here for my final teaching term, starting September 8. Yay!

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Pretty Places in Portugal, II

Posted by sue on 6th August 2008


We went camping a couple of weeks ago at Praia de Galé, on the Alentejo coast (about halfway between Setúbal and Sines) where a friend has a camper, and this was the scene, just a 5 minute walk from the campsite.

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Game night

Posted by sue on 5th August 2008

Did you know you can make Scrabble into a drinking game? Well, let’s just say that this was an awesome party–still memorable as a favorite Lisbon moment months later. Too bad the neighbors called the cops!


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