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My Big Break

Posted by len on 5th July 2008

Look at those winning feet!
Three weeks ago it was starting to warm up in Lisbon.
One afternoon…one like any other…I was walking around the apartment barefoot.
Coming from the dining room into the kitchen I had to move through a relatively narrow space between our dining table and the wall.
Then occurred the stubbing. Damn that hurt! Stubbing my toe, which I’ve done countless times in my life, is incredibly painful. I’ve never understood how such a repeatable, temporary, short-term pain could be so intense.
Well, after “cursing a Finnish cottage” (Lisbon’s version of ‘cursing a blue streak’) I casually glanced down at my feet, even though, of course, I had just stubbed my toe so…what was there to see?
This image, minus the expensive digital graphics, is what I saw. And it was weird. Why is my toe pointing the wrong direction? Oh God! I just broke my toe!!!
First thing I’ve ever broke! I actually text-messaged every friend whose number I have in Lisbon and ‘announced’ it. I was oddly proud.
Well, 3 weeks later and I can walk easily and feel a little dull pain in the area after I’ve been on my feet for a while.
Never went to the doctor. From what I’ve heard they can’t do much for you anyway. I did tape the toe to a nearby toe for the first week as per a scene near the end of Blade Runner when Harrison Ford breaks a finger.

An Extra Bit on Bunions
Apparently those are bunions on my feet. I didn’t know this for most of my life. This is just how my feet have always looked, as far as I can remember. But most people don’t have that angular big toe action going on. And I guess these “bunions” hurts some people and they have expensive surgery to ‘remove’ them. I can’t even imagine how that’s possible. I don’t think they hurt me, unless I’m always suffering a ‘background bunion pain’ that I’m no longer aware of and just explains why I like to tip the bottle from time to time.

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