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Would You Eat This?

Posted by len on 7th June 2008

These are snails. SNAILS!
Yes, summertime in Lisbon means beer and snails.
They’re washed, boiled (I think), and put in a tasty sauce.
You grab their little heads with your teeth like you’re eating corn-on-the-cob and then suck the bodies out.

The flavor: very cajun, if I had to compare them to something Americans eat.
Quite yummy, actually, after getting over the fact that they’re SUPER GROSS!

That’s me, over there on the right, dipping some bread into the “snail sauce” left behind.
Yes, I know, the idea grossed me out before..but you can’t argue with FLAVOR!!

Oh, and see our plates? That’s how many we had eaten at the time of the picture.

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