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Asia Temblor Rocks Lisbon

Posted by len on 25th May 2008

Asia In Lisbon
Last post on this, I swear!
So the supergroup to end all supergroups of the 80’s reunited, came out with a new album called Phoenix, and played Lisbon.
They got pretty close to selling out the Lisbon Coliseum, which, granted is not huge.
But still…hundreds of Portuguese people showing up for Asia…? Pretty wild.
I was asked twice to put away my camera, that from the second row, allowed me to capture some pretty hot illicit video here:
Hot Hot Asia Video
See Steve Howe’s fretboard work as he plays “The Clap” and “Roundabout”.

One of the highlights was their rendition of the Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star”. Jeff Downes, the keyboardist had co-wrote it, apparently.

I think Steve Howe (bald guitarist on left) noticed the bunch of us in the first and second rows videotaping him so now and again would gesture over his guitar between chords at us. I was perplexed during the concert what exactly he was doing. I didn’t get it. Only after did Sue suggest that he was, in fact, ‘being the MAN’, and alerting security guards to our shinanigans! Leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. He’s still cool (and skeletal! Don’t miss the video!).

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A Bridge from Portugal to Asia

Posted by len on 21st May 2008

NO!! Not that boring old Asia where asians live but the HOT HOT HOT one that made “Heat of the Moment” the ultimate power rocker in 1982!!
And why here in our little Squid blog?
Because they’ve REUNITED and are playing TONIGHT at the Lisbon Coliseum and me and Sue have 2nd ROW SEATS!!!!
Review of concert to come tomorrow!
Only Time Will Tell how awesome this is going to be but I think it will satisfy my Wildest Dreams!

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Len’s USA Road Trip…Huh?

Posted by len on 20th May 2008

Manassas to Littleton Map

How’s this possible? Well, I was in the good ole U.S. of A for 2.5 weeks and just got back!

I went for business, pleasure, and something strangely in between called “3 day road trip with my Mom and her dog across 7 states”. We traveled for 27 hours, slept two nights in bizarre sheds and broke 12 laws (see map above). Am I lying? Perhaps. Probably.

But you just NEVER WILL KNOW until you click on the following incredible VIDEO ADVENTURE TAGALONG! 8 blindingly fun minutes of watchabilly good times!

If video doesn’t show above in the box please let me know! It’s supposed ta’!

I also saw my brothers, their kids, and more! My brother Mike and his wife just got back from Ethiopia where they adopted a cutie little baby girl named Frances.You can read their adventures in Ethiopia HERE!

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