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Sue Now Famous In Portugal

Posted by len on 23rd February 2008

February 16, 2008 issue of Emprego! Page 19! See for yourself!


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Len’s Initiation into Jazz-manhood

Posted by sue on 17th February 2008

Len has triumphantly returned to flute playing recently after a long hiatus. He played everything in the Jethro Tull catalog once upon a time, but hasn’t done much with the instrument for several years. But we have a friend here in Lisbon, an American guy and colleague of mine named Jordan, who is a bass player and he wanted to get in on some jazz jam sessions. He found one on Monday nights at a jazz club in Bairro Alto (the main night life zone of Lisbon) called Catacumbas, and has played there three times now. This past Monday night, Len, on flute, also joined in on a performance of a song called “Footprints.” It was no train wreck, as many of you might predict, but Len was hampered by not being able to hear most of his own notes (no monitor amps for you rockers). So if you catch something on Reuters like “Portuguese Jazz Club Riot Kills Flautist” you’ll have a heads up. And, by the way, Jordan is that guy in the middle.

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Posted by sue on 6th February 2008

Carnaval is a big deal in Brazil, and has rubbed off on the Portuguese at least somewhat. The night before Fat Tuesday is the big party night here, and lots of people hit the streets to drink and show off their costumes. (It’s kind of like Halloween!) Here you see an example of some costumes, though they’re not all that inspired (most commonly just a wig. Go, dude!) We hung out at a place we like called Bacalhoeiro, a “cultural collective” space that has art exhibitions, music, and cultural events. We danced till the wee hours to Samba music, which is very Brazilian, and very Carnavalesque, I’m told.

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