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Posted by sue on 31st July 2007

Crazy hot weather in Lisbon yesterday– luckily today is back down to a more normal summer high temperature, about 85º. It’s supposed to warm up again to a bit by the end of the week, but by then we’ll be outta here, for our trip to that exotic Land of Contrasts, the U.S.A.

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Cool Car: Only in Europe?

Posted by len on 22nd July 2007

smart1.JPGsmart2.JPGWe’ve seen this model of car first in Berlin several years ago now in Lisbon.
Isn’t it sweet!?
It’s a Smart car, which makes us wonder if it’s electric or hybrid?
It seems to have a gas cap, so could it be a hybrid, or just a small motor?
If it gets good mileage this puppy would sell like hotcakes in the states.

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Perching Pooch

Posted by len on 22nd July 2007

Good ole doggie in #60.
This is nearby to our apartment in Lisbon.
Look closely. Little cute doggie doesn’t have much room to stand.

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Happy Birthday, Len!

Posted by sue on 15th July 2007

Len as Simpsons character
Hey, everybody! Today is Len’s birthday! This is my “Simpson’s character” portrait of him.

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Heroes of the Voyage, European edition

Posted by sue on 9th July 2007

Kissing Diana & Tim
My sister Diana and her husband of exactly three years, Tim, honored us by joining us to celebrate their anniversary and travel around Spain, France and Portugal. Diana’s Spanish language skills were quite handy as we tried to avoid being overcharged for cerveza and tapas.

As official Heroes of the Voyage, their Runaway Squid lapel pins and official codpieces are in the mail.

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The Price of Technology

Posted by len on 8th July 2007

DVDI’ve been amazed how expensive computer technology can be over here compared with the U.S.
For a lot of stuff the cost is similar numerically but in Euros. Since the Euro is about 1/3 more valuable than the dollar it gets real expensive on bigger items.
But what about a blank DVD? Here’s a question for one of our tech-savvy readers out there:
What would it cost you to buy a single Dual-Layer Writeable DVD in the U.S.? I just got me a new mac laptop that can burn these 8.5GB puppies and then found that I’d have to shell out 4 Euros ($5.50) for one! What’s with that?! Keep in mind these are the Dual Layer variety, a type that not everyone has a burner for. Please just leave a comment if you’ve priced these out lately. Thanks!

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Back to Lisboa

Posted by sue on 2nd July 2007

We have loads and loads of photos to post, but we need a couple more days to get that together. Diana, Tim, Len and I finished our whirlwind tour of Spain (Madrid, Bilbao, Cordoba, and Seville) and a little of France (Bayonne & Biarritz), and after a brief stop in Faro, Portugal (on the southern coast, in the area known as the Algarve), we arrived back in Lisbon this morning.

I’m starting part time English teaching on Wednesday, and Diana and Tim go home on Thursday. Tomorrow we’re going to do some touristy things around Lisbon, involving trolleys and monasteries and cherry liqueur.

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