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The Corfu View

Posted by len on 24th April 2007

Sadly, we have nearly come to the end of our two weeks of relaxed living on the Greek island of Corfu.
On Wednesday, April 25th (the day before we depart for Athens), we will be celebrating Sue’s birthday. Finally the little town we’ve been staying in is waking up and some nice-looking restaurants have finally opened for the tourist season.
The two photos posted here are the view from our apartment’s balcony at different times of the day of the Ionian sea. Look really hard and you may see the stiletto heel of Italy’s boot!
Our upcoming travel schedule: Athens from Thursday to Monday. Monday we fly to Lisbon, Portugal where we’ll stay at least a month while Sue does a CELTA certificate program. Our plan is to live there longer while Sue teaches English and I get back to work on the “William Blake Phenomenon”, the world’s most exciting new animated show!

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A Special Day

Posted by len on 21st April 2007

We’re celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary today!  Yaaaay!

We tried to think of something special to do to commemorate but found it strangely difficult since neither of us is working right now, we’re sleeping in every morning and we currently are living in paradise on the beach.


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Corfu, Greece

Posted by len on 16th April 2007

Hello all!

 We are spending a relaxing 2 weeks on the island of Corfu, off the western coast of Greece (the town of Agios Gordios)!  We took an ATV of all things into Corfu Town where we finally got some internet.  So, no photos just yet but soon!

  We’ll be moving to Lisbon, Portugal on or around the 1st of May.  We’ll be getting an apartment and the whole shebang so we should be updating ‘the Squid’ more regularly soon.  Check back often!  Pleeeeaaaase!

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You Wanted Photos

Posted by len on 10th April 2007

When we were in Los Angeles for a few days a couple of people told us they wanted to see more photos on ‘the Squid’. So, doing what any good market research team does, we multiply those numbers by 1000. So we treat it like 2000 people just asked us for photos. Needless to say we were subsequently thrilled to realize more than 2000 people read our blog!
We’re moving on from Egypt, but not before you get a wealth of photos from mystical Luxor! (Be sure not to miss the often-hysterical comments underneath each image!)

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Movin’ on soon

Posted by sue on 10th April 2007

Our recent radio silence is a symptom of our a) serious jet lag, b) feeling rather unrooted because we’ve been wondering what to do next, and c) trying to get ourselves together to leave Cairo.

We’ve been staying in a free apartment, courtesy of our friend Lobna who spent the past month in Dubai, but she decided to come back to Cairo. She and her daughters arrived yesterday afternoon, so the entry room of the apartment is now lined with suitcases, ours and theirs. She’s invited us to stay with her as long as we like, but we’re ready to move on. So we’re going to Greece on Thursday, where we’ll spend the rest of April. More details to follow.

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Sleepwalking in Istanbul, returning to Cairo

Posted by sue on 5th April 2007

Just wanted to let everybody know that we made it back to Cairo tonight. We stayed an extra night in New York City—it turned out to be easy to change our tickets and we didn’t feel the need to rush. We caught our overnight flight to Istanbul, Turkey, on Wednesday evening from JFK, then spent the day seeing just a few of Istanbul’s sights (all on the European side of the Strait of Bosporus, though—we realized that we have not yet set foot in Asia). We were both barely able to keep up our tourist march through Istanbul, though, because we didn’t really sleep on the plane the (partial) night before, so we headed back to the airport rather early for our late night flight to Cairo.
General impression of Turkey, though so far we only saw the more touristy areas of its largest city: nicer and cuter than Egypt, but rather expensive.

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