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Photos from Athens

Posted by sue on 6th May 2007

We were fortunate to have beautiful weather for our three days in Athens. (Spring is beautiful everywhere, it seems.) Here are some photos from our hike up to the Acropolis, and our visit to the National Archaeological Museum!

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Greece Retrospective

Posted by len on 2nd May 2007

Here are just a few more impressions of Corfu before we move onto the next chapter of our adventure (we successfully made it to Lisbon!).

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The Corfu View

Posted by len on 24th April 2007

Sadly, we have nearly come to the end of our two weeks of relaxed living on the Greek island of Corfu.
On Wednesday, April 25th (the day before we depart for Athens), we will be celebrating Sue’s birthday. Finally the little town we’ve been staying in is waking up and some nice-looking restaurants have finally opened for the tourist season.
The two photos posted here are the view from our apartment’s balcony at different times of the day of the Ionian sea. Look really hard and you may see the stiletto heel of Italy’s boot!
Our upcoming travel schedule: Athens from Thursday to Monday. Monday we fly to Lisbon, Portugal where we’ll stay at least a month while Sue does a CELTA certificate program. Our plan is to live there longer while Sue teaches English and I get back to work on the “William Blake Phenomenon”, the world’s most exciting new animated show!

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A Special Day

Posted by len on 21st April 2007

We’re celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary today!  Yaaaay!

We tried to think of something special to do to commemorate but found it strangely difficult since neither of us is working right now, we’re sleeping in every morning and we currently are living in paradise on the beach.


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Corfu, Greece

Posted by len on 16th April 2007

Hello all!

 We are spending a relaxing 2 weeks on the island of Corfu, off the western coast of Greece (the town of Agios Gordios)!  We took an ATV of all things into Corfu Town where we finally got some internet.  So, no photos just yet but soon!

  We’ll be moving to Lisbon, Portugal on or around the 1st of May.  We’ll be getting an apartment and the whole shebang so we should be updating ‘the Squid’ more regularly soon.  Check back often!  Pleeeeaaaase!

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